Eric's Outing in Korea & China!

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I had the pleasure of visiting our distributors in Asia! Thank you MK Chem and Jadechem for having me!


First stop was South Korea at MK Chem. We went out for traditional Korean barbecue, which was a wonderful new experience! It was amazing to have an authentic and iconic Korean barbecue! The food was delicious and we had a great time. When we got back to business, MK Chem and I worked on E-Brite Ultra Cu for copper plated steel wire, which is used as a base with acid copper plated over the copper strike. We worked great together and learned much from one another!


Next stop was China to visit Jadechem, and our own EPi employee John Cheng! In China, EPi has been working with producers of copper foil using our additives. Copper foil's latest application is creating lithium batteries that are used for automobiles. The goal is to use thinner copper foil, in effect minimizing the battery weight.


While at Jadechem, we discussed how it's important to keep out dust when making copper foil. We went to great measures to ensure our dust trail was minimized--we even went through a special room just before entering, where machines blew off lingering dust particles from our clothes! Inside the foil room, we had to wear slippers over our shoes, coats, and even dust masks.


I had a great time in Asia visiting MK Chem and Jadechem, and working on copper processes! Thank you for having me, I hope to visit again soon!


-Eric Olander