Eric Olander Ventures to the NASF Washington DC Forum

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Last week I attended NASF Washington DC forum in Washington DC.

Approximately 70 attendees listened to EU, EPA and OSHA regulatory issues plus the US Commerce and Chrysler representatives made presentations as well. The US Commerce states that we are bottoming out right now from the recession and by the fourth quarter we should be close to 0% growth in GDP. The Chrysler representatives discussed the state of the automotive industry. In 2009 sales will be about nine million versus 2008 was seventeen million for light vehicles. They also stated the car sales will not return to seventeen million because of the lack of easy credit so batten down the hatches.

The trip to The Hill was interesting that we did not see any Congress people or Senators. The aides were very busy meeting many lobbyists and taking on the Obama agenda. We met with Brian (see picture) Senator Kohl's Legislative Assistant discussed the policy issues. This year was okay going up to the hill, but everyone was preoccupied.