Eric Olander takes Tour of Harley Davidson Plant

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Here am I sitting on one of Harley Davidson's latest models on March 4th, 2008.

I took a tour of Harley Davidson's Powertrain facility located on Capitol Ave in Milwaukee, WI. The local NASF Milwaukee branch of fifty-eight members toured the facility. Many of the people on the tour supply Harley Davidson through plating some of their parts or through supplying their chemistry like EPi's E-Kleen 190E-Brite 23-11R/Electrosolv and E-Brite 200 processes that are used for cleaning and copper plating on aluminum Harley Davidson parts.

One interesting fact on the assembly line is the Harley does not run one model through the line they, run many different models so the challenge is to have the correct parts there for assembly for that specific motor. The assembly line offers more flexibility this way. After assembly, all Harley engine are tested prior to shipping.Harley Davidson is utilizing world class manufacturing techniques in their plant to produce a superior product.