Eric Olander Speaks at SF China in Guangzhou, China on EPi’s latest Development of Plating Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper on Zinc Die-Casts in Barrel Applications

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Sorry about the late post!

Earlier this month I spoke at SF China on alkaline non-cyanide copper. The presentation was made in English and then translating into Chinese. Some interesting facts about presenting in China. First, the presenter has to pay $1,500 to make a presentation at SF China versus here in the USA at NASF presentations there is no charge for giving a presentation. The result of this is fewer presentations, but a higher quality presentation.

China is facing some new regulations form the Chineses government on pollution and one area in the electroplating industry is eliminating cyanide from metal finishing facilitites. One of the concerns the Chinese government has is the potential use of cyanide as a terrorist weapon. This is the same concern here in the USA with the Department of Homeland Security. Copper plating today in China uses cyanide copper strike and then immediately into a pyrophosphate copper without any rinsing to use less cyanide. The challenge is the fact that they are still using cyanide and pyrophosphate technology is older technology from the 1960's that was tried in the USA, but always had the problem of generating orthophospahte break down product which eventually results in a banded deposited that has adhesion problems