Eric Olander’s New Presentation on the Successful Application of Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper by Overcoming Copper Immersion Plating Challenges on Zinc Die-Cast Substrates

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I am excited about the opportunity to speak at SF China 2014 in Guangzhou China on December 3rd at 14:30 in meeting room number six.

I will be speaking on EPi's new alkaline non-cyanide copper plating process. Our latest research has resulted in an exciting new process that tackles the challenge of immersion copper on Zamac (zinc die-cast) substrates.

EPi's E-Brite Ultra CU successfully plates onto zinc die cast in rack situations partly because we go in live with the process. Trying to go in live in a barrel copper plating process is very difficult because there is on and off contact. EPi's new chemistry lengthens the immersion time to 45 seconds from 5-10 seconds before it starts to immersion copper plate. This results in the opportunity to copper plate in a barrel without cyanide on a zinc die cast substrate. Successful lab trials have resulted in excellent bake adhesion at 350 F for 60 minutes with a cold water quench. EPi will start beta site trials in 2015.

I hope to see you in China!