Eric Olander Participates in Chicago Metal Finishing Institute CMFI March 26th Meeting on a Industry Panel "Strategists for Today's Economic Climate"

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Last Thursday March 26th CMFI had a meeting at Wellington's in Arlington Heights, IL.

I participated in an industry expert panel that discussed the existing challenges with the present economy. Rick Delawder was the panel moderator and Alene Magino, Gary Belmonti, Bob Giomi, Sarah Carey, Rick Macary, Bill Whitcher and myself were on the panel. We discussed collections, payables, metrics on measuring business climate and trends that we are seeing. The panel did agree that there is some positive news out there, but challenges do exist in the USA and the world. We are  all watching for bankruptcies and trying to introduce new products and grow new markets. It was a worthwhile evening to listen to ideas of other companies out there trying to survive these economic challenges. One good outcome with the economy, is with less hours worked means workman compensation will be less for 2009. Hard to see all us in the panel picture sorry!