Eric Olander Makes a Presentation on EPi Products CMFS (Chautauqua Metal Finishing Supply)

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Today I met with our distributor CMFS that covers the western PA and NY region.

Alex Moore, Candy Joslyn, Brian Sutton, and Dave Wesp of CMFS were present at the presentation.The presentation included EPI's work on trivalent chromates specifically the Ultra Yellow, Super Yellow and our latest development which has been approaching 600-700 hours of salt spray. One thing I learned, is that there is a demand for trivalent chromate that offers 600-700 hours of salt spray. Brian informed me that there are some people using a trivalent chromate with a ceramic topcoat, but they are looking for alternatives.

We also discussed about plating on magnesium, the metal that will be plated on more in the future. I discussed our E-Brite Ultra CU-Mg process that results in higher corrosion protection than cyanide copper.


CMFS also has another division called Miraclean,, that sells aqueous cleaning systems such as ultra sonic systems. The president of CMFS is Tom Pembridge. CMFS, www.cmfs.comis located in Ashville, NY next to Jamestown, NY home of Lucille Ball about two and a half hours away from Cleveland.