Eric Olander Goes to Washington DC

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This week I attended the NASF's Washington DC forum April 22th - 24th, 2008.

There was an excellent line up of speakers that talked about the present and future issues: competing against China, fume suppressants and alternatives to PFOS surfactants systems, REACH, Homeland Security, nanotechnology, patent reform, Fred Barnes from Fox News, climate change policy, global metals outlook, energy policy, EU nickel regulation, and an update from NAM. The last day I went to Capitol Hill to visit my Wisconsin Senators and Congress members. I actually meet with Congressman Kind, see the picture in this blog. Congressman Kind is working hard for manufacturing and trying to hold down healthcare costs. We had an excellent discussion on the issues and I also informed him of Richard C. Longworth's book "Caught in the Middle" which I blogged out before. I have been going to  Washington DC for ten years now. I was there when 9/11 happen and going there helps me keep in touch with the aides of the Senator and Congress members. The aides are the ones that handle the issues for the Representatives.