Eric Olander goes to Washington DC April 29th, 2010

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Last week I attended the's Washington DC forum with a trip to Capitol Hill.

We learned at the DC forum many of the latest issues regarding the metal finishing industry. We learned that the PFOS/PFOA issue is not going away. These materials are being used as mist suppressants in chrome plating baths. EPi does offer an alternative product E-Mist 7 that does not contain any PFOS/PFOA material and it effectively lowers the surface tension  to below 40 dynes/cm. The E-Mist 7 also does not cause a foam blanket. The resulting lower surface tension results in a reduced bubble size which suppresses the chrome mist.

EPA's TSCA act is going to be reformed under the Chemical Securtiy Act (CSA). This seems to be an answer to the EU REACH program. We can only hope that this resulting CSA act will not result in too many new regs, paper work and the elimination of using some chemicals.

Then I spent a day going to The Hill visiting the Congress and Senate offices. I did meet briefly with Congresswoman Baldwin, Congressman Kind, and Congressman Ryan. I discussed mostly manufacturing industries. There were a lot of groups including the firemen group on The Hill. In the past I could visit all the representatives in Wisconsin but now it seems that some are getting to busy to see you if you are not from their district.