Eric Golfs with Alice Cooper and Attends Alice's Friday Night Concert!

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On Friday, October 1st, I had the pleasure of golfing with the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper.

We played nine holes at Westmoor Country Club here in Brookfield, WI early in the morning as Mr. Cooper is addicted to golf plays everyday. Alice is a 4 handicap and shoots for the pins. He is an excellent golfer! We talked about our families and life. He is just a regular guy who was able to work with artists such as Jimmie Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and many other famous rockers. At the end of our 9 holes he offered tickets for his show and I requested two.


My wife and I went to Summerfest Grounds to watch him at the BMO Pavilion that held about 2,000 people. We had great seats, about the 8th row - but no backstage passes due to Covid restrictions. The warm up band was Ace Frehley from KISS. Alice's wife was also a part of the show and played a bride in costume. This was the first time I saw Alice Cooper in concert and we enjoyed it immensely! We would highly recommend it to anyone. I saw lots of grey haired people in the audience so, I'm sure a very nostalgic experience for most of us! The encore song was "Schools Out" and at the end he sang Pink Floyd, "Brick in the Wall." .



This was a great time with a great person and human being. Alice stopped drinking about 38 years ago and shares his faith in Christ as well. He even has his own great radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper, playing on 150 stations worldwide. Alice also has two teen centers in the Phoenix area. Click here to learn more about this awesome program or check out Alice's fan page for more tour dates!


 October 1st is a day I will always cherish and remember!