EPi's visit to SF China!

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This December, I had the fortune to meet with Mr. Dai, the president of Jadechem, while visiting SF China in Guangzhou!


          This year there was a smaller footprint, less booths set up for show. Traffic was down as well as compared to previous years--but there were still a lot more traffic jams than I'm used to in America! It still made for a great show, but is a shame there weren't more in attendance. I think it may have been a result from hundreds of plating shops being closed down in China for environmental reasons, or even the effects of the trade-war and difficulties planning for the future.

          Still, it was a lot of fun to visit the SF China show and see all the booths there! It was definitely an international show--I even saw our distributors from Sweden--our friends from Candor--and our Indian distributor from Plating Products!

          I also enjoyed visiting the golf course at the Shenzhen airport! The main runway is 150 yards from most holes, so you learn to play despite the overseas flights taking off nearby--you have to time it just right. 

          Ms. Cheng was my caddie during our games, and she did a fantastic job! We only played nine holes but she figured out my club selection quickly. Ms. Cheng was a great caddie, and had three birdie opportunities which I missed! The green speed was close to 7.8.

           If you're going to China or have a layover in Shenzhen airport, I recommend visiting the golf course there!


-Eric Olander


(See Jadechem's blog about their visit to SF china by clicking here!)



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