EPi's New E-Kleen 163A Non-etch Neutral Phosphated Multi Cleaner for Aluminum, Brass & Zinc

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EPi's E-Kleen 163-A is a high performance soak-ultrasonic cleaner used on a variety of metals. 

It is designed to remove metal working fluids and buffing compounds. The E-Kleen 163-A is a high detergency non-silcated, non-caustic cleaner. De-canting will extend the cleaning life of E-Kleen 163-A. Our customer Steve Poppe at Delta Faucet stated, "As long as we filter the cleaner when not in use the cleaner will last four times as long as our previous cleaner." E-Kleen 163-A is a long-lasting no-add cleaner drops the buffing compound to the bottom of the bath when not agitated during non-use and then can be easily filtered.  It was designed for aluminum but has become a real workhorse for brass as well.