EPi's Innovative Lab Develops New Uniform Black Processing for Bright Nickel Ultra Blak 466

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Ultra Blak 466 is new black processing for nickel that produces a beautiful jet-black color on bright Watts nickel, satin nickel, and solid nickel substrates.

In most cases some heat is required to turn the nickel to a black nickel in a timely fashion. The advantage of the Ultra Blak 466 is it requires no rectifier like electrolytic black nickel process and it produces a uniform jet-black color across high to low current densities. Most electrolytic black nickel processes are difficult to control and can result on higher reject rates than Ultra Blak 466.

Looking for a pewter like finish with a nickel plate? Simply relieve the blackened nickel process with Scotch Brite, brass wheel, steel wool or vibratory finish. Also, looking for a great bright nickel process? Switch to E-Brite 757.

Switch your electrolytic black nickel process to Ultra Blak 466 for a more uniform jet-black finish.