EPi's E-Brite 23-11: Bright Cyanide Copper Plating

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EPi has developed an extremely versatile inorganic single additive cyanide brightening process called E-Brite 23-11.

 E-Brite 23-11 can be operated at a variety of different cyanide salt baths sodium/potassium/sodium and potassium and with a variety of operating conditions.

Another benefit of using E-Brite 23-11 is its stability. The advantage is it does not decompose and is relatively unaffected by the presence of organic and metallic contaminants that affect other brightener systems. Breakdown products are not formed and therefore the bath works very well with evaporative recovery systems.


E-Brite 23-11 also offers incredible throwing power, providing for a comprehensive and uniform finish. Because it can be run at low concentrations, E-Brite 23-11 delivers a superior brighter finish at a much lower cost compared to other copper plating processes.


The brightness and leveling of E-Brite 23-11 is simply superior to the competition. It requires less bright nickel plating in achieving a bright copper-nickel-chrome finish because the resulting cyanide copper plate is bright and leveling.

GO HERE to learn more about E-Brite 23-11 on EPi's website.