EPi's Bright Nickel Plating: E-Brite 757

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EPi has developed a bright nickel plating that is simply superior to all other nickel plating solutions.

E-Brite 757 has multiple features making it the most innovative nickel plating process on the market. It produces brilliant, white deposits of high clarity, reflectivity and depth, and will produce bright ductile deposits which are free from laminations.

One of the main advantages of E-Brite 757 is it has incredible throwing power. This means that the plating gets deeper in the recesses of the metal, making for superior distribution. E-Brite 757 gives your parts a much stronger, more uniform finish with its superior throwing power.

Another great advantage of E-Brite 757 is that it is a single maintenance additive process. Most bright nickel plating solutions have multiple additive processes, increasing the chance of an operator-caused imbalance. You can plate with confidence using the simply superior formula of E-Brite 757 from EPi.