EPi's Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper Process Plates Barrel Steel and Rack Zinc Die-Cast Parts

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EPi has been the leader in selling alkaline non cyanide copper all over the world for a 18 years now.

EPi's E-Brite Ultra Cu process plates on all metals and works extremely well on zinc die-casts because it can withstand a large level of zinc contamination 2-3 grams/liter. Below is a part plated in the E-Brite Ultra Cu process.

EPi's alkaline copper process works extremely well in barrel applications as well. Here is a steel plated part in an E-Brite Ultra CU process.


Do you want to plate copper heat-treat stop off? E-Brite 30/30 process is Boeing approved.  Our heat-treat stop off customers are informing us that they can plate less copper plating thickness with E-Brite 30/30 than with cyanide copper because it is a finer grain denser copper plate.