EPi Works Together with its Distributor Plating Products Inc at the India Surface Finishing, ISF 2014, in Mumbai

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Sid Arthur packed his bags about ten days ago and soon will be back at EPi!

I am interested to learn how Sid and EPi did for business at the ISF 2014. It will be interesting to learn about Sid's experiences on the cultural differences of India and the USA. The food, socialization, dining, I will have much more to share once Sid returns. It is very difficult for EPi to conduct business in India because of the India taxes and tariffs. We can find the cost of our products being 3-5 times higher than local India made chemistry, but we are starting to find some Indian metal finishers who are clamoring for a higher quality product and alarge operating window. One success process has been EPi's E-Brite 787 bright nickel plating process. One user stated it works better on difficult geometries and range of high and low current densities. You want to learn more about the ISF go to www.mfai.org.