EPi will Exhibit at NOMMA 2011 METALfab Trade Show in New Orleans, LA

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EPi is sending Char Heinke and Mark Kulas to man our booth at METALfab 2011.

EPi will be performing a demonstration by Mark Kulas on our new GELS Insta Blak 333 GEL, B/Ox 311 GEL, B/Ox 316 GEL, and Insta Blak SS370 GEL. Mark will be showing a finished panel with the latest GEL B/Ox 312 GEL, which produces a more of a light brown finish than the B/Ox 311 GEL. B/Ox 311 GEL produces a more black brown finish. Mark Kulas will demonstrate our GEL products on March 17th, 2011 at 11:30-12:30 pm on the show floor. To learn more about the show and NOMMA go to www.nomma.org