EPi Story: Copper Plated Bullets

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Recently EPi worked on copper plating bullets.

The project turned out so well, that I decided to feature it on EPi's blog. Here is a Question and Answer session with one of our chemists and, Larry, about the process.

  • Q1: What are the advantages of copper plating bullets?
  • A1: A lead bullet is very soft and would fly apart. The copper coating is harder and will resist the stress of the firing and the velocity during flight and also not be totally smashed upon impact.  


  • Q2: What EPi products were used in the plating of the bullets?
  • A2: The products used were EPi's E-Brite 200M and E-Brite 200 RXW copper plating solutions.


  • Q3: What were the advantages of using the E-Brite 200M and E-Brite 200 RWX in particular?
  • A3: Using 200M and 200 RXW together in the bath gives a balance of the additives that allows for bright, smooth, ductile plating on the parts. Without the 200M the copper would be rough and brittle. Without the 200RXW (or 205) there would not be brightness and smoothness would not be as good plus the plating would be too soft.


  • Q4: In your opinion, how do you think the finished product turned out?
  • A4: I thought they turned out very well.




To learn more about EPi's copper plating solutions, GO HERE for general information on copper plating.