EPi solves Chicago Base Copper Plating Problem in E-Brite 23-11R/Electrosolv Cyanide Copper Plating Process

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For the last three weeks we have been working with one of our loyal EPi customers in Chicago, IL determining the root cause of poor copper plating in their copper cyanide plating processes.

We determined that the E-Brite 23-11R/Electrosolv are not causing the problem in creating a new bath. What we did find was actually startling it was the copper cyanide causing the problem. Two different samples were pulled from two drums and as you can see in the pictures the panels are not smooth and bright.


These panels are dull in the high current density in the one above and the one on top its bright, but has an unusual deposit in the low current density range. It has been since the late 1980's that EPi experinced this problem with copper cyanide from an over seas supplier. E-Brite 23-11R is an inorganic brightener system that produces leveling cyanide copper plate. Electrosolv is a copper/brass/bronze anode corroder that twice as effective as Rochelle in the build up of carbonates. If you are in the Chicago area and plate cyanide copper check your copper cyanide quality. In the past we have had excellent with Univertical cyanide copper.