EPi Sells its First Android, Hull Cell Ruler for $0.99 Today

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We are excited here at EPi we sold our first app today on the the Android phone to G. Gilliam (see app button below).

EPi has been working tirelessly for the last three months working on an iPhone app first and then the Andriod version. Apple is still reviewing our application and we hope to have it available by Sur/Fin 2011 time. It was interesting we completed the process for Andriod and we received approval in less than 24 hours! Apple seems to prefer apps more for entertainment value than a technical or business productivity tool. We will get their approval eventually even if it takes longer. I find this interesting in what happened to us in getting the app approved seems to follow how a PC versus an Mac works and thinks. PC updates happen automatically while an Mac the administrator has to approve the update. Apple has more quality control in what happens and protects its brand. Things take a little longer, but things are under control.

EPi's Hull Cell ruler offers the following.

The Hull Cell ruler is utilized to measure the current density of all electroplating processes including copper, nickel and zinc. The Hull Cell ruler is an excellent choice to determine the acceptable plating current density of any plating bath. For example, if there is an unacceptable dull deposit on the work coming out of the tank, by running the Hull Cell, you can see if there is a correlation of the quality of the work being plated to the quality of the Hull Cell results. Therefore, it is an effective method for troubleshooting electroplating processes.

All rulers, including Hull Cell rulers, get lost in desk drawers and other places. Now, with EPi’s Hull Cell ruler you do not need a physical ruler, ust your Android phones. EPi’s Hull Cell Ruler App works on the Android based on the existing Hull Cell ruler scale. You will notice a Hull Cell ruler is longer than the Android screen. The EPi app addresses the size with a scrolling screen that moves left to right and vice versa. 267 ml (on the top) and 1000 ml (on the bottom). Hull Cell panels can be measured with this ruler. The following Hull Cell parameters for cathode/anode material, type of agitation, temperature, amperage, and time for both rack and barrel applications are available.

Type of Plating Processes:


* Cyanide Copper
* Alkaline Non Cyanide Copper
* Acid Copper
* Nickel
* Chrome
* Zinc
* Tin
* Cadmium
* Silver
* Brass
* Bronze


Imagine if you can sell 10,000 apps for $0.99. That's almost $10,000. Maybe I just get into the app business?

To purchase the App go to this link https://market.android.com/details?id=com.zsl.Epi

Stay tuned to when it is available on the iPhone and iPad!