EPi Outing at Miller Park

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It was a fun day for EPi, with great weather and great entertainment!


Milwaukee Brewers versus the Pittsburgh Pirates; the teams were well-matched and the game was engrossing! Great sportsmanship by both teams. A controversial hit had the ball landing just off the edge of the out-of-bounds line, and had fans of both sides shouting whether it aught to have been out or not. Jaso--from the Pirates team--caught the ball and had managed to throw it home moments before a Brewers player slid to base, but if the ball was out before he'd caught it, then his play would have been for not. The final verdict: you're out!

In the end, our home-team Brewers still won the game 4-2! 

Everyone had a great time out at Miller Park, the chance to talk with everyone from different parts of the building helped everyone get to know each other better, and offered the opportunity to rest and reconnect as a team. 

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