EPi Launches New Thicker Verdi Green Patina B/Ox 316 GEL

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EPi is excited to announce a new product for achieving verdi green finish on copper and copper alloys B/Ox 316 GEL.

This latest new product B/Ox 316 GEL is easy to use and produces a thick verdi green that accepts thick clear lacquers and thick clear powder coats. Previous verdi green products will disappear with a thick coating of lacquer or powder. The problem is now solved with B/Ox 316 GEL because itself results in a thicker verdi green finish. Want to save money and time applying your verdi green? The B/Ox 316 GEL applies directly to the brass and copper substrates. Save money by not having to apply a brown-black antique onto to the copper or brass prior to applying the verdi green.  In the past the only way you can achieve the verdi green finish is through applying the brown-black antique first. This will save you 20-40% in chemical cost, plus labor costs and time.