EPi Just Turned its New Mobile Website on!!!

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I start out this latest entry into my blog by asking you a question?

How many of you search the web using your iPhone or Android OS mobile phone? I know I do and I am starting to find companies have two web sites: one PC base and now mobile base. The reason is many people are searching with their mobile devices, but many traditional PC web sites don't work well. Especially with my large fingers it is difficult to click on certain items. Sometimes I pinch and try many ways of getting what I want  but end up being very frustrated. One of the goals of a mobile web site is ease of navigation. Sometimes I don't have access to a PC to check out that web site resulting in the demand for mobile web sites.

Many mobile web sites will lack the beautiful pictures you see on a PC base web site. The reason for this is quick navigation. A mobile web site is totally different than navigating a traditional one.

EPi's e-commerce site has offered a mobile solution for about 2 years now. I hope you like our mobile web site. Here are some screen shots . Go to www.epi.com on your mobile device to experience the new web site.