EPi E-Brite 50/50 Alkaline Non-Cyanide Silver Plate Results in a Harder Silver Plate. Now the Silver Plater can Plate less Silver using E-Brite 50/50 Silver Plating Process

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Recently, a large US base power management base company conducted a study on EPI's E-Brite 50/50 alkaline non cyanide silver plating process, which has been previously used on bus bar, electronic components, and other electrical switching parts.

The hardness of the E-Brite 50/50 alkaline non cyanide silver was found to be 95-110 KHN 25 which is harder than cyanide silver deposit from a solution with no additives. The hardness is measured on a cross section sample with a Knoop diamond indented at a load of 25 grams.


Why E-Brite 50/50? If it plates harder than cyanide silver process that means you can use 20-40% less silver plate when plating from a E-Brite 50/50 process than a cyanide silver process because it will wear longer than the cyanide silver plate.