EPi Black Oxide 10 gallon test line for blackening steel and cast iron

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EPi has a new  seven-tank 10 gallon blackening test line for it's Ultra Blak 404 blackening process for cast iron and steel. Now you can test drive EPi's black oxide processes Kool Blak 225 mid temperature blackening, Ultra Blak 404,  and Ultra Blak 400 traditional hot black oxide before you pull the trigger in purchasing a new line for thousands of dollars.


EPi !0 gallon black oxide test line

The seven tank system includes the following 

1) Soak Cleaner  insulated steel tank electric heat for 140-180F using EPi's E-Kleen SR 102-E

2) Poly rinse tank with a weir

3) Poly acid tank using EPi's acid salt E-Pik 215

4) Poly rinse tank with a weir

5) Black Oxide insulated steel tank one hour heat up to 230-260 F using EPi's Kool Blak 225, Ultra Blak 404

6) Poly Rinse tank with a weir

7) Steel water displacing  oil tank for  EPi's E-Tec water displacing oils with a valve/drain to drain off the water

Steel covers for the steel tanks.


The electric heaters are 220-240 voltage and include a thermostat to control the temperature. Please note the electric hoist you see is not included with the line.

This is a great way to give it a try for 30-60 days for a small rental charge and purchase of the chemistry.