EPi App has been Updated for iPhone and Android based Phones Included Troubleshooting of Plating Processes

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EPi recently received approval from Apple's app store for iPhones and Google's app store for Android base phones.

This new update works on the larger phones Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 5. This will work for the iPad as well.

The improvements include the following:

1) You can now receive push notifications from EPi about it's latest happenings and events.
2) Troubleshooting guide for electroplating solutions.
3) You can also access EPi's blog as well and Youtube channel.


We still have the Hull Cell ruler and the capability of taking Hull Cell pictures and sending them via email with the parameters then storing the pictures.

The app costs $0.99, but now is even more valuable than before. Another EPi first, as EPi was the first company to develop on app for metal finishing and plating.