EPi adds New Anodizing and Chrome-Free Pretreatment for Aluminum

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Last September I traveled to Rotterdam, Netherlands to visit AD Chemicals. EPi and AD Chemicals agreed that EPi will distribute AD Chemicals including AD Precoat Chrome-Free for aluminum substrates to be painted.

It has flawlessly pretreated 60 million square meters. It is Qualicoat A021 certified and is suitable for immersion/spray and coil coating applications.

EPi will also distribute the entire product line of anodizing products including cleaners, no dump caustic etch additive, fast desmutting additive, anodizing additive that allows you to anodize at 86F(30C) increasing productivity and saving you money in cooling costs and standard seal additive, a lower temperature (190F (88c)) sealer that contains no nickel saving energy(30%) and improving productivity (30%). 


Dinner at Kaat-Mossel with my wife Jeanie, Barry from AD and his wife Tanya