E-Tec 509 Increases Corrosion Protection and Eliminates High Costs

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How to Increase Corrosion Protection and Eliminate the High Cost
of Painting, E-Coating, and Electroplating


E-Tec 509 is calcium based water displacing oil. It provides 168 hours salt spray over black oxide finish. E-Tec 509 is an inexpensive, easy-to-control process that allows you to increase protection while eliminating the cost of painting.


Eric Olander President of EPi: “E -Tec 509 meets military specs and competes with other finishes because of higher corrosion protection, 168 hours, and low application costs. Black oxide/zinc phosphate finish advantages are now even more pronounced because of the higher corrosion protection."


E-Tec 509 recommended Uses:

  • It can be applied to wet or dry metal parts for protection while in process or storage. It is used at 100% by volume.
  • It seals and enhances the depth of black of EPi’s B/Ox (US 10B finish), Insta-Blak, Ultra-Blak, Kool-Blak, and E-Phos metal finishes.
  • Excellent protection for dies, jigs, machine surfaces, stampings, firearms, fasteners, automotive, architectural, military and marine applications.


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