E-Kleen SR Excitement is Growing in Indiana this Week

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My three day trip in Indiana is winding down as we approach all types of metal finishing facilities: zinc plating to precious metals.

We are discovering that everyone has some type of cleaning problem. Finishers are discussing difficult to clean metal working fluids and oils, heat treated steels with scale, buffing compounds, and acids that generate smut during the pickling process. One finisher is using potassium cyanide and caustic for his cleaning because of his cleaning problems. It will be interesting to see if E-Kleen SR could replace a cyanide base cleaner. That is the ultimate challenge replacing cyanide. We have eliminating cyanide before in copper and silver plating now we will try to develop a cyanide free cleaner.

Enjoying meeting new metal finishers helping them solve their immediate cleaning problems by using E-Kleen SR.