E-Brite B-150: Twice the Power in Cyanide Brass Plating in Half the Time!

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E-Brite B-150 cyanide brass plating process has produced thousands of bright yellow-green (70/30) brass plated hardware and plumbing components.

The B-150 is a no amine low ammonium hydroxide bath that actually generates ammonia, eliminating having to make daily additions of ammonia. The B-150 is inorganic based brightener system that plates brass faster and over a wider current density range, as well as working well in rack and barrel applications. Barrel platers find the B-150 reduces the time for burnishing because it produces a finer brass plated grain that is easy to burnish. In rack plating air agitation, it is the preferred method for type of agitation because the B-150 process use Electrosolv not Rochelle salts for a brass anode corroder. Electrosolv is twice as effective as Rochelle salts and reduces carbonate build up in your cyanide brass plating tank.

The E-Brite B-150 / Electrosolv process is easy to control, plates faster and produces a beautiful yellow-green brass color.