E-Brite 50/50 Non-Cyanide Alkaline Silver Plating Gives Your Silver More Shine and More Safety

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When it comes to silver plating, EPi knows today's industrial silver needs plating to meet many different requirements. To solve this problem, we created the E-Brite 50/50.

E-Brite 50/50's exceptional covering and throwing power makes it a clear front runner compared to other silver plating processes, and creates fine-grained, smooth, dense, and hard plating for your industrial silver.  E-Brite 50/50 also brings to the table excellent bonding properties, allowing for superior adhesion, and a more superior process overall.

E-Brite 50/50 is cost effective, easy to control, and contains no cyanide. This saves you money, saves you time, and saves you the costs of dealing with cyanide. EPI's stable bath chemistry means no additional strike tank, making the process a single tank, room temperature operation.