E-Brite 5.0 CU Alkaline Non-Cyanide Copper solves Problem when using Cyanide on White Metal with Stone Jewelry

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An interesting new application for EPi's fifth generation alkaline non-cyanide copper E-Brite 5.0 CU

The jewelry customer was trying to plate using cyanide copper, but the cyanide copper solution would dissolve the jewelry stones making then dull and discolored.  The substrate was white metal and the process was to plate necklace with the decorative stone already installed on the necklace. The cyanide seemed to start stripping the jewelry stones finish, while the E-Brite 5.0 CU does not strip the stones. Below you can see the picture of the E-Brite 5.0 CU plated on the white metal and the stones. The copper plate strongly bonds to the white metal which easily accepts additional plating with silver and gold. Interesting how they use wire for racking the necklaces.