E-Brite 2.0 Ag Passes AMS-2411J High-Temp Baking

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E-Brite 2.0 Ag alkaline, non-cyanide silver passes AMS-2411J high-temperature baking.


While EPi has been working with an Aerospace company testing our non-cyanide silver process, E-Brite 2.0 Ag, we've found that it complies with AMS-2411J standard, and also acts as fantastic lubricant. 

According to AMS-2411J standard, the finish should withstand a high temperature bake at 1200°F for 2 hours.

 The base substrate pictured above is stainless steel plated with Woods Nickel Strike and then plated with E-Brite 2.0 Ag. A great use for this process is on stainless steel locknuts and fasteners for aerospace.