Charlie Cook offers Great Insight of Today's Politics at NASF Washington DC Forum 2011

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On April 16th, 2011 Charlie Cook gave one of the best presentations on politics in the USA today at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City, VA.

Charlie's presentation was based on independents' viewpoints. In the USA, it is the independents that vote a person into office. Where the true Democrats and Republicans are about 30-35% of all voters. The remaining voters are independents and they truly sway American politics by voting their minds. 

Charlie stated that if unemployment stays high it will be a challenge for President Obama to stay in office. If it stays above 8.5% it will be difficult for Obama. If unemployment is 8.0% Obama will be re-elected.  Unless the Republicans blow-up, Charlie says they will take over the Senate in 2012 and control the house as well.

Do you have a few moments to listen to a small portion of his talk go to and 

Charlie thanks for for your insight to the USA's political landscape!