Chapel, Redefined

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There's more to Sunday mass than just gospel and prayer, and one church has used EPi's Insta Blak 333 to redesign their community space and give it a modernized, redefined look! The design team at Cox Air Systems has revamped the area to fit the modern age.
This gathering place will play host to many various events, and leave guests lavished in comfort. Remember our September blog post, "Black in the Kitchen: The New Meaning of 'Modern'"? Cox Air Systems has demonstrated this sleek look fits outside the dining room, too! With just a 3-minute soak and clear lacquer seal, these panels have transformed to a stunning, rich black.
Insta-Blak 333 Liquid for immersion.
Insta-Blak 333 Gel for hand applications.
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CAX 3.png
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