B/Ox Antiquing Finish Helps Watch Keep its Time

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Last week I was asked to get ship out some samples for antiquing the watch above.

Antiquing with EPI's B/Ox 300 series products allows instant patina/oxidizing instead of having to wait years in the natural environment.  The watch above was processed as follows.

Cleaned E-Kleen 163 cleaner to remove finger prints and grease, rinse the part with cold tap water exam the parts making sure there are no water breaks. If so, clean the part again. Deoxidize the brass watch in E-Kleen 154 phosphoric acid to brighten the surface to promote color. Rinse in cold tap water. Antique in B/Ox 314 oxidizing process to color desired. Rinse in cold tap water. Dry the part with hair dryer. Relieve antiqued watch with soft cotton cloth, Scotch brite or as in this picture a hand polishing wheel.The last step is topcoat the watch and in this case wax was used. Sometimes people use lacquer or powder coat as well.

B/Ox series products have the advantage of antiquing quickly 1-5 minutes, consistent color batch to batch, and easier to relieve than other antiquing processes.