B/Ox 311 GEL Restores this Statue’s Stature

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Recently one of EPi's B/Ox 311 GEL customers shared the difficult to do restoration job.

Previously the part had turned green from the chlorinated water used in the fountain. It was all stripped off and then polished leaving the original substrate. The home owner was looking for a beautiful chocolate brown color and B/Ox 311 GEL is the perfect color for this statue. The  B/Ox 311 GEL permits the customer to apply the 311 on vertical surfaces. Liquid patinas would be running down the statue wasting chemistry  Also the GEL allows for more time to work in the B/Ox 311 GEL to accomplish the final uniform color. To preserve the stature of the chocolate brown color the restorer used corrosion block, which is used in marine environments.