Blessings in a Backpack 7000 Meal Packing for Waukesha, WI Schools by EPi

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Diana Petrova and I helped pack 7,000 meals for local Waukesha school district schools a couple of Saturday days ago. Blessings in a Backpack- Waukesha serves 200 children in Kindergarten to grade 5 in four elementary schools alone every week during the school year.

Who receives these meals? Kids who participate in the Federal Meal P Yourogram for breakfast and lunch qualify for Blessings in a Backpack.

You can see how we set up for the packing of meals. There were 100 volunteers for three shifts in 10 hours making this happenHere. This first picture is before the filling commences.

Here we are filling the meals! Quite a mass production and assembly line for the 7000 meals. What's in a meal? Applesauce, raisins, granola bars, Chef Boyardee lasagna, macaroni and cheese, animal crackers, and more.

EPi team members Mark Kulas, Kevin Ray, Igor Borysenko, Sid Arthur, Dina Ziegenhorn and Diana Petrova have gone to two elementary schools to help distribute meals on Friday mornings for the kids in each class room.

Nationally Blessings in a Backpack serve millions of kids. This is a great service, but it troubles me that we have so many people needing this to get by.