Blackening Stainless Steel: Superior Look, Unaffected Dimensions, and Versatility

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Ultra Blak 407, Insta Blak SS-370 and Insta Blak 370-Gel. These three products are the key to giving your stainless steel a superior look, and don't effect the part's dimensions.

When you need your stainless steel blackened, EPI has 3 premium grade products to offer. Each of these products can blacken a wide range of steel alloys, and can be used on architectural parts, fasteners, and tooling. When all is said and done, you'll see and feel why Ultra Blak 407 meets Military Specs MIL-DTL-13924D, Class 4 and why Insta Blak SS-370, and Insta Blak 370-Gel's decorative room temperature blackening is superior to the competition.