Black in the Kitchen: The New Meaning of 'Modern'

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Popular fashion is constantly changing as time goes on, and there are always new styles being invented as culture expands over time. We all remember those bell-bottoms from the seventies, the soft-rock bands of the nineties, and maybe in a few decades we'll remember the iconic look of Black & Silver.
Fashion extends farther than just your jeans and tee shirt. You can tell a lot about a person based on the way they've decorated their house--color schemes, fabrics, decorations, and so on. And it seems that more and more, the most modern of kitchens have shifted their color scheme from bright brass, to stainless steel, and are now incorporating sleek black amid the silver. 

As a metal finishing business, EPi can't help but be excited about this new trend.

In a recent trip to New Zealand, EPi demonstrated blackening on a kitchen sink that turned out with a pure, deep black which fits right in with this new 'modern' style. Many faucet companies are now offering black metals on their appliances--and it's no wonder, as the color looks so rich and clean! Just check out this black dishwasher by Samsung
Not to worry--you don't have to run out and purchase all new kitchen appliances to show off your up-with-the-times fashion sense. EPi has got you covered! We offer three easy to use blackening processes so you can achieve a rich, lustrous black regardless of what metal alloy you're trying to compliment!
Ultra Blak 407 is our hot black oxide finish, which runs at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Insta Blak SS-370 is our room temperature black oxide, which runs at 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
Gel Insta Blak SS-370 is our room temp blackener, thicker than it's liquid counterpart and great for touch-ups or applying to vertical surfaces!
Never blackened or electroplated before? EPi is here to help, every step of the way!
-- Our site houses Technical Data Sheets for each product we offer! Our most popular blackening products even have user guides, like our Gel product mentioned above.
-- A visual learner? Check out our YouTube channel!
-- Want to talk to a professional? Our tech staff has you covered! Just call 1-262-786-9330 and ask to speak with a tech representative! 

What do you think is the 'modern' look of the decade? Do you have a Black & Silver theme in your home? Share your thoughts below, or find us on social media!


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