Barrel copper plating with alkaline non cyanide copper E-Brite Ultra CU

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Last month in New England EPi and its distributor Gilbert and Jones installed an E-Brite Ultra Cu alkaline non cyanide copper 163 gallon barrel plating bath. The goal of the copper plating facility is to take out the copper cyanide plating processes by switching to E-Brite Ultra CU

The first picture shows the E-Brite Ultra CU copper plate and the subsequent bright acid tin plate as well. You can see we pass the bend test on the copper on the steel. To be successful in barrel plating alkaline non cyanide copper the following equipment is required.

1) High voltage rectifier 15-21 volts

2) Continuous carbon filtration

3) No hydrochloric acid dip and two rinses prior to the alkaline copper bath.

The alkaline non cyanide copper bath is divalent copper +2 so it plates about 75% (based on efficiency) as fast as cyanide copper which is monovalent copper +1.

At 5 amps/square foot a copper plater should be able to plate 0.25 mils ( 0.00025 ") in one hour depending on tank and barrel design.


Above shows the Hull cell result of 2 Amp 5 minutes at 120 F with air agitation.  See the wide current density range you can achieve with the alkaline non cyanide copper. Today with the correct equipment and the E-Brite Ultra CU a copper cyanide plater can take out the cyanide.