Antiquing/Oxidizing Verdi Green Finishing Tip Using B/Ox 311 and B/Ox 316

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Having problems finishing verdi green on brass and copper? Read a customer's finishing tip below to learn more.

"Thank you I finished testing with the samples and I was able to complete the project for now with just the sample material supplied. I am very pleased with the results. I used an acid brush to apply the blackish material and then I let it dry longer like overnight worked the best. Then I used a sponge for the textured effect with multiple layers of the green. I also let the green material dry between coats. I stopped applying the green when I liked it. I then let the green dry thoroughly and then clear coated the antique brass.  I now know how to do what I wanted to produce and I completed the project for now with the limited sample size supplied. It works great, I am very pleased. When and if I need to antique brass again, I will get back with you to order material."

To achieve the finish in the picture it is necessary to blacken the brass in B/Ox 311 first and let it dry. Then apply B/Ox 316 with your preferred applicator in layers to achieve your desired verdi green finish. Some people want a lot of black in the back ground others want a small highlight of black. Let your creativity go wild ! Learn more about B/Ox 311 and B/Ox 316 which both are available in a gel now!