Another Satisfied Customer!

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We at EPi devote ourselves to outstanding customer service and superior products. We love to hear about the projects our chemistry is used for, looking at final results and hearing from satisfied customers! 


Here is a testimonial from a recent customer after using our Ultra-Blak 400 black oxide powder!


"I was so happy after using your product I had to tell someone! Since there are few folks who understand the complexity and issues that can arise during bluing of firearms, I thought the chemical supplier would be the best candidate to hear my story. 


Because I am confined to a wheelchair, we run our gunsmith business out of a specially-built shop on our 72-acre rural farm here in NC. We work by appointment and word of mouth. Believe me, I stay very busy. There's lots of old guns out here in the country. I'm the only gunsmith within a 50 mile radius and I work on old guns. My only competition is an hour away, and they only work on new stuff.


When speaking with my peers in this business I will be more than glad to let them know about EPI and your great lineup of chemicals used in the black oxide process. I am just glad I found your company during a Google search. Even though I am a small business, you've got my business as long as I'm gun-smithing!


I wish you the very best!" - Anonymous


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