Another Problem Solved - Clean Carbon Residual from Zinc Diecast Tooling

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EPi was able to find a perfect solution using our E-Kleen SR 163, a neutral phosphated multi-cleaner for zinc!

Recently, a Wisconsin based customer has contacted EPi looking for the best way to clean carbon residual from Zinc Diecast Tooling - without having to remove machine parts or waste more time and money to get the job done.


 Read our customer's initial request and see how well our E-Kleen SR 163 was able to help achieve their goals:


“Hello, I'm looking for a product and/or a means to clean and polish tool steel. This product would be used to maintain a class-A, cosmetic surface in our zinc diecasting process. I'm hoping to find something that can be applied right at the machine, without requiring that the casting mold be pulled from the machine for repair. This product would need to remove any buildup from the tool surface without scratching. Thanks!” -WI Customer


Here are the results:

After running a few different concentrations of the E-Kleen SR 163 - Here is what our customer came up with for their SOP on cleaning carbon residual from their Zinc Diecast Tooling:

  1. In a liter container mix 750 mLs of Kleen SR 163 with 250 mLs of water. (Use a container that has a lid to easily store any excess solution)
  2. Cool tooling down to ~150° F
  3. Apply solution with a stiff natural hair
  4. Let sit 30 – 60 seconds
  5. Spray with water
  6. Wipe with a cotton cloth (Red Shop Rag)
To date, the Customer is very happy with the performance of the E-Kleen SR 163 for the following reasons:
  1. The Customer only needs a Tool and Die Maintenance member at the Diecast machine for minutes instead of hours. Typically, the customer would have to have the Tool and Die Maintenance person remove the die and take it back to the maintenance area and then comeback and reassemble the die into the machine –Time saving of up to 8 hrs. per Die Cleaning!
  2. The typical Die Cleaning process created excessive downtime
  3. The old cleaning process caused machines to be down for up to three days (Tool removal).
  4. Now the machine is only down for cleaning, which takes ~6 hours total.

 Since, our customer has started using the E-Kleen SR 163, to clean up carbon residual that they are seeing on some Zinc Diecast Tooling, they have seen improvements in the following Operational metrics:

  1. Safety – Removal of the Diecast tool – Bulky and heavy
  2. Delivery – Shorter downtime to clean the tooling
  3. Cost - Maintenance Time reduced by 8 hrs. per Die Cleaning