2017 Economic Survey Results are Positive!!

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The results of EPi's annual economic survey speak for themselves! It looks like 2018 will be another strong year. 80% of businesses reported they expect growth in the new year--30% of those expecting a rise of more than 10%!


There are always concerns, though. What do our respondents view as their biggest 2018 challenges?

  1. Finding Qualified Employees
  2. Rising Costs
  3. Uncertain Economy

A majority of companies do plan to add more personnel to their workforce, however. Less than half will be adding new metal finishing products. And even though the stock market is at record highs, almost 30% of respondents are nervous about the economy.


EPi is delighted at the turnout for this years economic survey! More people participated in our survey as compared to all previous years--thank you to everyone who completed the survey!  We are also glad to hear that many of our friends are expecting positive growth in the next year, and that a vast majority of companies have reported their customers are typically paying on time.


Our 2018 is off to a great start, EPi buzzing with activity and orders--as well as working on updating our production, lab and office facilities within the next 3-24 months.


Thanks for the feedback! Have a great 2018, everyone!


-Eric Olander

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