2016 Obama's America Movie Proves that Americans Really Do Not Know Most of their Presidents

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I recently watched this movie thinking it's an anti-Obama movie and discovered that I know very little about President Obama and now know more about him, the environment he grew up in and the people that surround him.

America has  history of electing politicians that do not display their true colors. For example, the latest Bush was a supposed conservative, except when it came to growing government and the budget. He acted more like a over spending politician than a fiscal conservative. Right now, we are seeing President Obama wants to get re-elected and we are not seeing what he would represent if is re-elected as President. If President Obama gets re-elected he does not have to worry about getting re-elected again thus permitting him to carry out his agenda.The movie intrigued me intellectually considering most movies today are action and/or sex theme movies. There are many aspects to this movie that could lead to a 1000 word blog entry on each specific subject matter the movie addressed.  For example,  I understand why President Obama had Winston Churchill's bust returned to Great Britain. Kenya used to be a British colony and President Obama's father was anti-colonist and anti-British. The interview of President Obama's step brother George was very enlightening and one of the highlights of the movie. George discussed how Kenya, Singapore, and South Korea all became independent at the same time with different results in their economies because of the cultural differences. He discussed the success of the Singapore and South Korea versus Kenya's. Another discussion that intrigued me was how President Obama has capitalized on the race card playing on the white sympathy factor of previous wrongs by previous white generations.  President Obama is capitalizing on the white guilt factor here. Does this sound familiar of to the sympathy factor of  previous wrongs to the  Native Americans and their running of casinos outside of Las Vegas? Hmmm.

Dinesh D'Souza the creator of the movie, shares why he left India and he came to America. It's an amazing story of the American dream. Immigrate to America to become successful because it is a free country of opportunities. It is difficult to do this in Kenya and India because of the culture and lack of personal freedoms. The stories of Dinesh D'Souza's  and President Obama's contain parallels are explained in great detail. In fact, Dinesh D'Souza, President Obama and I share one interesting fact we were all born in 1961.

There is so much more to write but I do not want to ruin the opportunity for you to form your own opinion on the movie. I recommend this movie for all to see so that you have a better understanding of American politics and world history regardless of your political affiliation. You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon.com, click on DVD.  I have heard it is the second most requested DVD on Amazon and it will be released and shipped on October 16th, 2012. I am unaware how much longer it will play in the theaters. I promise this movie is thought provoking and worth the 90 minutes of your time.