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  1. Ultra-Blak Rectifier aids in the removal of copper and red-iron oxide buildup during the blackening process of steel parts with and without copper brazing.

    Subtotal $71.57
  2. A dark-grey coating that produces a fine-grained crystalline coating on iron and steel. High iron tolerance up to 15 points. Generates 30–40% less sludge than other heavy zinc phosphates.

  3. Similar in action to 312 but slower acting while producing warmer and richer brown tones of varying intensity to include deep walnut browns on brass and bronze.

    Subtotal $67.26
  4. A manganese phosphate coating for steel and iron that provides corrosion resistance and lubrication.

  5. Mixture of surface active agents, immersion desmutters, detergents, and caustic that is free of residual cleaning solutions and achieves better adhesion.

    Subtotal $35.00
  6. A liquid concentrate that produces light brown, brown, and chocolate-brown colors with golden tones. Varying the concentration and length of immersion produces a range of colors.

    Subtotal $80.00
  7. Heavy-duty non-silicated, oil-emulsifying liquid soak cleaner to remove carbon smut from steel. Formula contains surfactants, detergents, and desmutters.

    Subtotal $35.00
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