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Insta-Blak 333 GEL

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Insta-Blak 333 GEL is a slower-acting blackening process for steel and ferrous metals. This gel-based solution is ideal for simple swab-on vertical applications, touchups, and the user who prefers a slower blackening reaction. One gallon of un-diluted Insta-Blak 333 GEL can coat up to 100 sq. ft. of steel parts.

Learn about EPi's Insta-Blak 333 GEL trial kit.

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How to Use Insta-Blak 333 GEL

Insta-Blak 333 GEL is a no-run, no-drip black finish designed for vertical applications, steel panels, and quick touchups. It's ideal for users who desire a slower chemical reaction.

Use Insta-Blak 333 GEL to:
  • Coat metal items and vertical surfaces with a black finish
  • Achieve a smooth finish with no drips or runs
  • Blacken architectural surfaces such as steps, framing, and railings
  • Touch up scratches or imperfections
  • Finish furniture, metal artwork, or sculptures
  • Blacken re-machined black oxide surfaces
  • Retain an item's original structure and dimensions
  • Meet AMS 2484A requirements
  • Blacken steel and ferrous metals
Getting Started

EPi offers starter kits for touch-ups, small projects, and first-time users. Learn more about what's included in the trial kit.

The Blackening Process: Insta-Blak 333 GEL

For the longest-lasting, deepest, and cleanest black finishes, we recommend the following blackening process. Please read all safety data sheets and technical data sheets prior to beginning a project.

1. Clean

Soils such as cutting oils, coolants, lubricants, and rust inhibitors must be removed from the metal workpiece. Soils can inhibit the blackening process and negatively affect coating adhesion and appearance. Clean the parts prior to beginning the blackening process.

Recommended Cleaning Products:
  • E-Kleen 163 is a liquid-based neutral soak cleaner that works at room temperature. It takes 1–3 minutes to reach its full effect.

2. Rinse

After cleaning the metal parts, rinse them in cold, overflowing tap water; it’s necessary to rinse the parts to remove residual cleaning solution. However, thicker or heavier parts may chill the blackening solution in step three. In these cases, use a hot-water rinse so that the parts can be preheated. Parts carrying over un-rinsed film of alkaline cleaning solution would quickly contaminate the subsequent chemicals in use, resulting in a spotty or non-adherent black finish. 

Immerse the parts to be blackened for 30–60 seconds.

3. Blacken

Apply Insta-Blak 333 GEL at full strength with a cotton swab, sponge, or brush. Use a generous amount, ensuring the item is smoothly and evenly coated. Continue rubbing the blackening solution on the item for 1–3 minutes. The longer the metal part is in contact with the Insta-Blak 333 GEL solution, the deeper the black finish will be.

If Insta-Blak 333 GEL isn't quite what you’re looking for, consider these similar products:

  • Insta-Blak 333 is a liquid immersion blackening solution that results in a smooth, no-smut satin black finish on tools and architectural surfaces. It's designed to make in-house blackening simpler, faster, and more effective.
  • Insta-Blak S-334 is recommended for touchups on scratched or damaged black oxide finishes. It produces a rich black color and maintains an item's structure and dimensions.

4. Rinse

Rinse in cold, overflowing tap water for 30–60 seconds to remove residual blackening solution and ensure sealant will not be contaminated.

5. Seal

Seal the black-oxide finish by immersing the parts for one minute in a compatible E-Tec water-displacing solution. The E-Tec corrosion inhibitors are formulated to rapidly displace the residual acidic solution from the preceding rinse and produce long-term corrosion protection. As the E-Tec is absorbed, it enhances the depth of black, which may take several hours.

See the rust preventative comparison chart in the technical data sheet to find the best E-Tec solution for your needs.

Recommended Sealing Products:
  • E-Tec 505+ is a long-lasting dry, soft-film lubricant and rust/corrosion inhibitor that's specifically formulated for hot black oxide lines.