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Ultra-Blak OX

For Industrial Use

Ultra-Blak OX is a liquid oxidizing agent designed to be combined with sodium hydroxide to create custom black-oxide formulas.

How to Use Ultra-Blak OX

When blended with sodium hydroxide, Ultra-Blak OX is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to Ultra-Blak 400-L and can also be used to create custom black-oxide formulas.

Use Ultra-Blak OX to:
  • Create Ultra-Blak 400-L in the shop
  • Make custom black-oxide formulas
  • Eliminate the "middleman" by using your own liquid sodium hydroxide
  • Save money in chemical and freight costs
  • Blacken steel-based items
  • Meet MIL-DTL-13924D Class 1 and AMS 2485L standards
  • Use in high-volume blackening operations

Safety & Technical Data